Sweeps have been considered ‘lucky’ for hundreds of years. One example is the story of King George II, who was riding in a carriage when the horses were startled by a wildly barking dog. It is said that a passing chimney sweep managed to calm the horses and halt the coach, saving the King’s life


The King issued a Royal Decree that Chimney Sweeps are bringers of luck and should be treated with the greatest of respect. So started the tradition of Sweeps wearing top hats and because sweeps are lucky,

Couples would arrange to meet the chimney sweep at their Wedding.

Indeed, if you watch old footage of the present Queen Elizabeth getting married to the Duke of Edinburgh, you’ll see a chimney sweep shaking the hand of Prince Philip outside Kensington Palace.

Today, seeing a chimney sweep on your wedding day is still a lucky omen and many couples choose to have them attend their wedding for a handshake for the groom and a lucky kiss for the bride.

With the power vested in me by King George II, I will attend your happy day dressed in traditional sweeps costume, recite a goodwill message, kiss the bride and present the couple with lucky coal pieces to keep and treasure.